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Chainstitch Cut After Edge Machine S-4000 CAED

Chainstitch Cut After Edge Machine S-4000 CAED

The chainstitch cut after edge machine is high speed edge finishing machine. The operation of the chainstitch cut after edge machine is completely automatic to provide a fast and labor savings to the operation of short edge finishing. The chainstitch cut after edge machine automatically clamps the material, sews the exact length, trims the thread, cuts off the excess material and stops with the clamp raised ready for the next operation. There are no chained off ends to be trimmed. The sewn piece is completely finished and neat with securely locked stitching. Only one size of knife is used for all operations. High productivity of the chainstitch cut after edge machine can be expected due to high sewing speed up to 3800 spm. The single thread chainstitch sewing has no bobbin changes to delay the operation.

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Main Features

Electronic Stop and Start Motion

The electronic start and stop motion extends machine life and improves machine reliability by eliminating the stop motion and clutch mechanisms.

Patented Mechanisms

The S-4000 contains six patented mechanisms:

  • Needle Bar Drive
  • Looper Drive
  • Main Cam
  • Double Lobe Cam
  • Bite Mechanisms
  • Feed Mechanisms

Fully Enclosed Mechanism

DC Drive Motor is fully enclosed within the head casting, eliminating the need for an under the table mounted clutch motor, pulley, belt and brake. This reduces required maintenance and eliminates oil and dust around the working area.

Microprocessor Control

The microprocessor control ensures maximized ramp-up and ramp-down speeds to achieve minimized cycle times.

Productivity & Flexibility

Chainstitch buttonholing provides increased productivity with no bobbin change. The elasticity of the chainstitch also provides the flexibility needed for many fabrics such as knitwear.

Pneumatic Clamping, Cutting and Thread Trimming

  • Pneumatic cutting reduces the number of adjustments and increases the consistency and reliability of the cut.
  • Pneumatic clamping reacts to different thicknesses and types of fabric.
  • Pneumatic thread trimming gives consistent and reliable trimming at the end of each sewing cycle.

Semi-Automatic Lubrication System and Oil Monitor

The S-4000 series is equipped with the drip oil wick lubrication system and oil level monitor. This system prolongs the machine life and reliability.

High Speed Sewing with Reduced Noise Level

The S-4000 series has electronically adjustable sewing speed up to 3,800 spm and are the fastest chainstitch buttonhole and special application machines available. Due to the DC Drive Motor the machine is 20% faster than other models. The noise level is also significantly lower on the S-4000.

Work Tables

The S-4000 CAED machine is available with crosswise table. This table is specially deigned for applications where the sewing line is sewn perpendicular to the operator,

Sections: S-4000 CAED : Home | Main Features | Application |


Men’s undershirt straps, V-neck knitwear, baby wear, children’s waistbands, trouser waistbands, end finishing of belts, tacking of binding tapes, joining of circular loops

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