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Automatic Waistband Attachment Automates TW 5900

Automatic unit for attaching waistbands on jeans and casual trousers using endless waistband strips from a roll.

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Main Features

The automatic TW series machines consist of a cylinder bed double chainstitch sewing head from 2 to 6 needles.

Top and bottom feed, double puller (only on TW-5910 and TW-5920) system which compensates the different thickness of the fabric.

The ratio between the feeding and rolls are adjusted by a special transmission system assuring perfect synronization and constant stitch length as the speed changes.

The cutting and skipping of stitches on both sides of the waistbands can independently be set by the operator.

The TW-5910 and TW-5920 models can be used on making naturel looking curved waistbands as a result of perfect feeding of material due to double puller system (upper and lower) using rubber rolls only.

This ensures a pucker free seam and no marking on difficult fabrics also compensating for the significant thickness differences on top and bottom of the waistbands. 

All versions have a push button user interface from which all functions can be controlled. Use of EFKA servo motor and control panel ensures trouble free operation under difficult conditions associated especially in jeans production.

1/8˝ and 1/4˝ gauge sizes can be executed simultaneously without conversion on TW-5920 model.

The operator can change all rollers and shears within 15 minutes without the need for a mechanic.

Longevity, productivity and ease of maintenance are main advantages of our units versus competitor machines.

Productivity is up to 2,500 waistbands per 9 hours.

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